May 8th 2017


As of Thursday it will have been a full eight months since I’ve taken a break from school. In that time I’ve moved to a new apartment, gotten a promotion at work, started working out, and made some new friends. Time passes and life moves on, but truthfully it doesn’t feel like eight months, it feels like it’s been two weeks.


I am the product of a gaming generation. I live my life like a video game, grinding out hours and hours in hopes of gaining enough experience to level up, completing milestones along the way.

It’s through these milestones that I track my progress and measure my life. So what are my milestones for the past eight months…

A Promotion at work

Started working out regularly

Got my own apartment

Became closer with family

And that’s about it. Thats really not a lot…

I originally told myself that this year off would be nothing but hours and hours of grinding out creative projects, networking and working in hopes of leveling up; However, here we are, two thirds of the way through the year, and I haven’t done much.

That’s not all true though, the intention of this year was to also get closer with my family and to get my head straight. Last year was a tough year for me mentally, always on the go and always worrying about the next thing. Last year was even tougher for my family, my dad getting cancer and my mom losing a sister.

This year has been a more relaxed time. It feels like I pressed pause for a second just to catch my breathe, but only my life paused, everyone else’s kept going. So did mine really, I mean I’m no longer a teenager.

Overall though, it’s been a success. Most importantly I have calmed down. I have rebuilt the amazing support structure that is my family and I no longer look at the world so cynically.

Again, time passes and life moves on and, but it’s about time I starting moving with it.

I’m currently in the process of moving and have been telling myself that as soon as I’m done moving I’ll start being creative again. I’ll start completing milestones again. I’ll just start doing again. Well, I’ve been moving for about a month now and I haven’t made much progress. The room I plan to turn into a music studio is still being used for storage. I haven’t been taking any pictures and I haven’t been writing. I currently just keep spending money trying to get nice things for the apartment and then freak out about how much money I spent, picking up more hours at work to balance it out. So let’s break the cycle and do the least invasive one first.

-Ethan Zingalis

P.s. It’s writing, thats the least invasive creative pursuit.